Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter-time Activites

Oh, what a weekend - had a fabulous book club meeting on Friday night, then on Sat. hung out with my three-year old pal for a while whilst her mom got some rest, then did some yoga, then had dinner with friends, then tried to see a movie but the rest of the town had the same idea, so we all went back to our house and watched Pineapple Express on Blueray. Do you see what a snob I am? Instead of saying we watched Pineapple Express, I say we watched it on Blueray. But, it really is better.

Today me and my boy took a much needed walk despite the low temperatures, marvelling about how much dog pee there is. (We're extremely dignified.) Then M pointed out that there's always dog pee, we just don't see it when there's no snow. Tomorrow I'm off for Florida where it is (I just checked) 68 degrees! (It's 16 here today.) Here we are on our walk:

and here's a shot of the Barbara Hepworths outside the library where I work:

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dad said...

Hey, we love your kitchen, it's just as beautiful as your weather in florida is going to be....HAVE FUN and think of us every now and then.