Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Michael Jackson night was a bit of a bust on American Idol. What's wrong with these kids? They pick the stupidest songs. It was like watching a lame-ass talent show in a church basement. I think I might dump this show. Also, is there like, a disproportionate number of teenage mother's that want to be American Idol stars? My least favorite part of this show, not counting the seemingly random screaming from the fraudience, is the bits with their indulgent parents and their mewling children. Families? Ick! (:

I'm also going to remove Friday Night Lights from the DVR - the first season was awesome, but this season is lacking all that terrif teenage drama and now it's more clear that people my age are pretending to be teenagers, pretending to have the problems of adults. Also, all the real adults are total assholes.

Now, I am enjoying Dollhouse, although the show seems prepped for inevitable ruin on Friday nights. Anywho, I like where they're going with it - I like how there's a little mystery that will supposedly unfold. It's a lot like Alias in terms of the outfits (natch) and the Girl Power without all that ridiculous Rambalidi nonsense.

You may be proud to hear that I'm not watching America's Next Top Model this season. Except I really want to. (!!!!)


dad said...

You need a television change....... With the college basketball tournament starting soon, you might want to give it a try, it's good television,you don't know how it will end, it's entertaining, exciting (it's amazing what can happen in a matter of a second or two), there's even crying, (shouldn't be crying in basketball!)...the announcers can be amusing! Give it a might even like it. It's over in a month, then you can say ....I liked it! or I'll never do that again! "It's March Madness!" But there isn't....No Bob Knight!!!

kbmulder said...

Dad made a good case for March Madness. It's true - it has all the drama and even the tears!

How about celebrity apprentice? Andy and I are watching that and it is very entertaining. We both decided that we like Tom Green and he is probably the smartest one there.

Too bad about Friday Night Lights. I really liked season one.

Question about AI: Was MJ there?

clterry said...

Dave you crack me up! You make a good case though.

Delete A.I. from DVR and replace it with Top Model. Sounds like a better choice.

Caitlin said...

Top Model is AWESOME this time around. And by awesome I mean appalling. I can't BELIEVE you're not watching it. Also CHECK OUT RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE!!! You must watch it, for it is awesome.

I am sorry to hear that you're not loving FNL this season. I think it's re-claimed its season 1 glory. The last ep made me tear up like three different times. :)

Special K said...

Oh man, the last episode of FNL was like, total plagiarism of Jerry McGuire! I thought Jason Street was going to start jumping up and down and saying Show Me the Money!

Daddy - you make a good point - I think I'll watch a couple of those games - but who's playing? Anyone interesting?

dad said...

Kelly, IU got beat, but that's not a surprise! I was rooting for your NEW school,that being the Northwestern Wildcats, but they got beat also! Friday there are 4 games, Michigan State and Minnesota; Wisconsin plays Ohio State; your home state..Illinois takes on Michigan; and at 9pm on friday night, it's Purdue vs. Penn State; so take your pick, let me know who you are following, if any of your friends are jumping on board with a certain team, let us know! It's March Madness, Baby!!!!(All these games are being played in downtown Indianapolis at Conseco Fieldhouse)

Carrie said...

Speaking of celebrities, Dad told me someone spotted him of TV during a game!