Sunday, March 08, 2009


A certain husband has been very excited about going to see the Watchmen movie, thus did we go see it yesterday afternoon. M is a big fan of the comic book and enjoyed it very much. He said it was extremely faithful to the movie. I read all of page one before going to the show, and can verify that it was faithful to page one.

For the non-comic book viewer, I can tell you that the movie is somewhat confusing, waaaay too long at almost three hours, but largely amusing, with some pretty cool visual images (that are supposedly right out of the graphic novel).

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the movie is that it has the most full-frontal-male-nudity that I've seen since The Piano. One of the characters is like this blue guy? I think he got radioactivated or something? And for some reason he doesn't really wear clothes. Also he glows. Some extremely immature people in the theatre couldn't help but giggle uncontrollably everytime they showed his uh, wobbly bits. I would be lying if I told you one of those people was not me.


kbmulder said...

My husband was also super excited about this movie. Wish that he could have gone with Mike, alas, he went alone. He texted me "And I thought I was a nerd" from the theater. He also mentioned the big blue guy. I wonder if I will get the pleasure of watching this on DVD. You are such a good and devoted wife for attending!

KHM said...

boy junk is funny looking when its wobbly. I'll bet its even funnier blue.

Special K said...

I know, right?!?