Wednesday, April 08, 2009

American Idol

I caught up with American Idol - but, for realz, I'm totally going to quit that show soon. I liked Tattoo-Arm the best - she had a nifty voice. I suppose I like Red-Haired-One the best now although she's kind of boring. I can't stand The Hideous One and his ridiculous hair and his dopey songs - Play that Funky Music? Really?

But what drives me nuts is how everyone's been going crazy over The Blind Dude - BFD, so he's blind - what's to overcome? Everybody's always like, "Wow, he's such an inspiration! A beautiful voice, and he's blind too!" It's not like being blind would any way inhibit a person from being a great singer. If the guy were deaf, then I'm interested, but blind? No.

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dad said...

You ought to try watching the CUBS!