Saturday, April 25, 2009

By popular demand

Ha ha! So, last week I bought some BAC stock, and now, wait for it...25% gain in a week! BOOM! Uh oh... Husband says I shouldn't blog about what stocks we buy because it's inappropriate and private. Is that true?

Perhaps I should also buy stock in World's Best Cat Litter, which actually may be the world's best cat litter. I thought I had found cat litter nirvana (if such a thing is possible) back when my friends introduced me to Feline Pine (can you imagine that scene?). Feline Pine really rocked my world because, as everyone knows, clay cat litter is v. bad for person and puss alike. That "crystal" litter is effing disgusting. Do not, under any circumstances, buy it. Feline Pine's made of pine and scoops. It smells quite nice, only, if you're a lazy bastard like I am, and you don't change the litter box as often as you should, it gets kind of gross. This World's Best stuff is made of corn, somehow. I think Kaya likes it. The nice thing about World's Best Litter is that, if you are a lazy bastard like I am, and don't clean the box as often as you should, it doesn't really get that gross. AND! You can flush it in the toilet, so, if you're really lazy, like I am, you don't even have to drag in a bag and throw it out. Fancy, right?


kbmulder said...

Wow! That was worth a blog. I have done my share of cat care and I would have loved the stuff. I'll file it away, if I ever get another cat.

dad said...

And you can flush it down the toilet! Now that's Gross! I can't wait to hear about the drains of Evanston being clogged-up....Headlines of the news..."Kitty Litter Stops Up Drains"! Now that's a lot of kitty s_ _ _!.....(What's wrong with sharing what stocks you buy? Might help the market!)