Thursday, April 30, 2009


Something I find very interesting lately is how everyone, including myself, seems to have forgotten how terrible X3 was. I mean, it was really, REALLY terrible. And yet, something comes over me when I see these Wolverine commercials, and I will, yes I will, be in line for opening night, possibly wearing false gigantic sideburns and shouting Snikt, Snikt!

How can they make two terrific X Men (I really prefer "X Person") movies, one so incredibly bad, and I'm still ready for more?

So far the summer-movie agenda isn't looking too promising... there's that weird Tarantino thing I'm not going anywhere near; Up, which looks stupid but it's Pixar so I have hope; and - nuthin'. Don't get me started on Angels and Demons.


Carrie said...

I can't believe you think that Wolverine movie looks remotely interesting- it looks like one stupid action sequence tied together with some sad dialogue. You're right about slim pickins though... right now I'm down for HP and the Johnny Depp movie about John Dillinger.

Caitlin said...

I didn't forget.

dad said...

If it means anything...I enjoyed STATE OF PLAY w/ your mother the other day, as a matter of fact, now get this..we were the only ones in the theater..has anyone ever had that happen to them? Almost 3 bags of popcorn and some chocolate,.. we had a good time!

Carrie said...

Three bags of popcorn!