Saturday, January 02, 2010

Holiday Recap Pt. 3

On the last few nights of our trip, thanks to the arrival of our parents, we were able to do something heretofore impossible since the arrival of the beloved nephew: go out at night. So, we stuck those two suckers with baby-sitting duty and hit Tiki-Ti (the tiniest tiki bar I've ever been to with amazing drinks).

And then hopped over to the Dresden. You may remember the Dresden from Swingers - this couple, Marty and Elaine, have been playing there for something like 20 years. Their rendition of Norah Jones's Don't Know Why remains stuck in my head (no matter how hard I try to get it out!) The restaurant is totally Mad Men, and I said next time we should hit the thrift store first, get all Joaned-out, and go for dinner.

On New Years Eve we had the opportunity to watch L play while we noshed on a great food whilst drinking bubbling libations. What a fine evening! New Years Day was rounded out with a nice brunch and two (!) celebrity sightings (that guy from Blink 182 and Gary Sinese.)


Carrie said...

Great pictures! Oh, we miss you so much, and we all had such a great time. I always think after you have gone, "What will we do next?" since we do and see so many great things, but I am totally in for getting Joaned, or Bettied out for dinner at the Dresden! xoxoxox

dad said...

I'm with Carrie...GREAT PICTURES!

Anonymous said...

Was I a sucker? I thought I was one of the luckiest grandmas in the world! I do wish we'd had more time, it all went so fast. love, ma