Saturday, January 16, 2010

Is it over?

Today we took down the tree and put away the Christmas decorations. Sad. Now we just have to slog through the rest of winter and hopefully squeeze in a trip to a warm-weather location during the intolerable month of February.

Thought I would share a few fun things from our decorations - a gingerbread house and a happy little sugarman. I love the Necco wafers as shingles!

And here's our method of displaying xmas cards - hang two decorative ribbons in the hallway and attach cards with wooden clothes pins. I couldn't bare to take them down yet - I love looking at the cards from everybody we love (and loves us!)


kbmulder said...

That gingerbread house looks scrumptious! Did you make the gingerbread yourself? We did a kit this year and it was great fun. Hope you get to go somewhere warm. That sounds nice!

dad said...

Indiana is warm this time of year!