Monday, January 11, 2010


Over Christmas break we saw several movies in LA - Sherlock Holmes, which was very amusing and fun to watch. So what if the plot's kind of dumb, Jude Law and Robert D. Jr. are in it! It's directed by Guy Ritchie, but, you can still understand it. Mostly. I also saw Young Victoria with and old friend and my sister. It's very pretty to watch and has a somewhat boring plot (highlights include a dull bit on the so-called "Bedchamber Crisis" which is the sort of thing Victorians get in a knot over) but it was quite romantic and had gorgeous costumes and a lot of kissing, the kind with both hands on a persons face and is uh, very nice. Victoria's husband is super-hot, in an Orlando Bloom kind of way.

Sure, those movies suffered from perhaps too much focus on style and less on story-line, but after watching Daybreakers this weekend they rise considerably in my winter-movie estimation (is it Oscar season yet?) Now, you know I love a zombie apocalypse movie, but this one, I can tell you, is NOT worth watching (baring a booze- and shenanigan-filled evening, the result of a dare, mayhaps.) In it, the world is populated mostly by vampires, who live somewhat civilized lives as businesspeople and truck drivers and gardeners and whatnot, only they drink human blood, and almost all the humans are extinct because ... you know. So, the vampires are going to die too. Except for this one vampire? Ethan Hawke? Who's a pathologist? He's looking for a cure. Willem Dafoe's in it too and he has this accent that was surely based on Foghorn Leghorn.

What's really funny is, I'm pretty sure they were going for some kind of Mad Men thing with the costumes and the attitude, but everyone just comes off looking like a maƮtre d'. The ending was so moronic everyone laughed and pointed. But, not as loud as we did during this preview. It actually has a taglines that reads, "Terrifying! Will do for skiing what Jaws did for swimming!"


Carrie said...

Had Daybreakers on Netflix que out of loyalty to Ethan Hawke (Dead Poets, I love them all) but have now removed thanks to this blog post. Thanks!

Special K said...

Oh no, YOU would absolutely hate it. nonononono. (: