Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another installment

Ah - I found an interior that's less dorm room. Another (I'm sure you'll agree) fascinating look at our lives.


KHM said...

you guys...charming!

dad said...

I think he looks like Mike!....Indy's Family Restaurant in Martinsville make their own pies and are very good! You'll have to try them out sometime...what's your favorite pie K & M ?

kbmulder said...

Ha ha ha!! Well, I can tell you about 2 places near me that you can get some good pie! It is hard to find. Next time you come down to Indy, I'll take you to Grand Traverse Pie Co. Pies like Granny's, I promise!

So, I wonder, can you add inflections, or maybe it's just funnier if they are monotone. I think I'll try this out. A conversation about changing diapers, perhaps?

Thanks for the fun!

Special K said...

No, you can't add inflections - I think that's kind of the beauty of the whole thing - how it comes out.

KBM - and Shapiros, right?

Daddy - sounds like a pie date. Next time we're home we'll try it.

Indiana Fan said...


This is awesome, as always, K. You find the coolest stuff.