Monday, April 26, 2010

South Beach

We went on a little mini-break to South Beach last week. I was in desperate need of a vacation. It was super-relaxing and really fun. We stayed at the very posh Shore Club. We splurged on an ocean-view room with a balcony and had to make tough decisions every day like, Do we sit next to one of the pools or by the ocean today? And, What type of fruity cocktail shall I ask for the next time the waiter comes around? Aside from laying around and drinking cocktails, we took lovely walks along the boardwalk at night and checked out the art deco hotels on Ocean Boulevard. And I bought some really cute sandals, which, now that we're back in Chicago, I realize I won't be able to wear for some time.
Ready for the beach


Miami Style

2gether 4Evah!

View from our balcony


dad said...

Beautiful pictures....& A Beautiful couple! Glad that you had a wonderful time.

kbmulder said...

Nice! I really liked Miami Beach when we stayed for a night on our honeymoon. We stayed at The National.

Enjoyed the food too! Did you have any good seafood?

Carrie said...

Whew! You guys know how to do it! I am so glad you had a great time.