Sunday, April 11, 2010

stuff I like

Last weekend M and I saw How to Train Your Dragon. Neither of us knew very much about it, but the 'Tomato rating was so high we thought we'd better go see what all the fuss was about. We saw it in 3D, natch, and, it was really terrific. The 3D was super-exciting (like riding a dragon!), the animation was really gorgeous, and the story was fun and smart. I couldn't help but compare to Avatar, which was also about flying mythical creatures and had great 3D but the lamest story of all time. I thought the animation in 'Dragon was MUCH better than Avatar and (I don't think I'll ruin either story for you by saying that) UNLIKE Avatar, 'Dragon had a really positive message to make about persons with disabilities.

I read this great interview recently on Feministing by an artist named Sunaura Taylor who talks about persons with body impairments that really made me think for about 2 straight weeks, which I appreciate. I encourage you to read it.

I've watched this commercial about six thousand times since it first came out because I just LOVE the way it was created and the vibe is SO fun. There's a free download of the song on Amazon - go get it!


Indiana Fan said...

Hey, K. I found the video that I think this commercial series was based on:

Very cool idea.

Special K said...

Ah yes - I saw that - very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I think someone one must have seen this, about 30 years ago:

KHM said...

I do love that commercial,too! And I must say---a Kindle would steal YOUR heart. Fan-freakin-tastic devices.

KHM said...

OK, Indiana Fan, that YouTube vid is SO moving and beautiful! That may be the best thing I've seen in quite a while. What a lovely song,too. Thanks!

KHM said...

Oh, plus me and the girls read How to Train A Dragon together several years ago; its very well should put it on the list of things to do with your nephews some visit when they're a bit older.

When we visit my Mom's each summer, during the daily Tampa afternoon thunderstorms we all sprawl out and take turns reading from a book we've chosen. Its a great thing that we always look forward to. We read many of the Harry Potters that way. We've had some very dramatic interludes; such fun!