Monday, July 26, 2010

My Birthday Month

Last week I celebrated my birthday - M took me to Everest, where we had a trés fancy meal and an excellent time. It's an elegant restaurant on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange building. We had a table right by the window and one of the best meals of my whole life. They treated us like the queen and king of England.

We spent a long weekend at my friend G's family lake house in northern Indiana - always a lovely time. Spent most of the time lounging in the water or the sun while a certain husband occasionally delivered another cocktail. What a life! Friends threw little party for me and I got some very nice presents. Highlights include: G's mom warning us that she had something in a box that was "not alive and didn't smell", pregnant C in a bikini (I love a pregnant lady in a bikini!), somehow not noticing a roomful of decorations for several minutes, a midnight swim with J, walking around under a full moon, and watching an incredible storm on the porch.

Alas, only a few more days to continue celebrating my birthday month, but it has been an exceptionally great month so far.

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dad said...

Enjoy the next few days of July!..There's 5 left!