Thursday, September 09, 2010


We had two big bushes of basil in the garden and used it liberally all summer in our bruschetta and other meals, but there's PLENTY left over for lots of pesto.

I think pesto comes down to personal taste, I like mine fairly course with lots of olive oil, but you might like yours smooth with less pine nuts or what have you. Anywho, the key is, first grind the pine nuts, then toss in the basil leaves and absolutely smother in olive oil, then toss it in little containers and put the whole mess in the freezer and be smug all winter. Note: don't include Parmesan at this stage (because it doesn't freeze well), but do put some in when you thaw it out.

I like to put it on crostini!


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I love making Pesto. I like to make tomato/mozzarella sandwich and put Pesto on that.