Monday, October 18, 2010

it's really old.

I did not intend to blog every day, but, it turns out there's plenty of wifi and free time to spare! Today we had a really excellent time traveling around (Daddy, our car is a Fiat 500 and tres adorable!)

We first went to Font De Gaume, an ancient cave with beautiful paintings from (wait for it...) 17,000 BCE (take that, Sarah Palin!) then we went to the village of the Madeline and then the Maison Forte de Reignac and then largely spent the rest of the day contemplating the definition of troglodyte.

Saw ducks about to become fois gras. Why can't I just stuff fois gras into my greedy maw without considering the lovely, innocent creatures of my delicious, delicious lunch?


dad said...

Is that there version of the Smart car? Glad your able to blog, nice to see what you 2 are doing....keep enjoying yourself!

Anonymous said...

Am amazed at your ability to just go about in foreign country. Does M go into the gas station and come back and say I don't know what the hell that guy said? I think I would like the duck, love the mousse and avoid the foie gras. So happy you are happy, heels or not. love, ma

Special K said...

M asked me 2pay 4gas! (: