Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who would do that?

The area we're visiting in France is known for it's foie gras and truffles and we rather outdid ourselves with the rich food. I ate an embarrassing amount of foie gras. So much that I felt as if someone stuffed a funnel down my gullet and forced rich fatty French food into my stomach. Why???????

The strikes in France have not effected us but with any luck, we'll be 'trapped' in France and unable to return. Keep ur fingers crossed!

Oh, here's something amusing from my phrase book- a translation is provided for 'i've lost my child/handbag.'


molly z said...

Sounds like an absolutely splendid time!! I'm so glad. Fingers are crossed for a few extra days of fabulousness en France! (: xo!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your ignorance.

Now force-feed yourself with some reality; here's what you've ingested and supported:

dad said...

But your mother doesn't want you stuck over there!

Special K said...

Anonymous, you're such a douche! Now I know I've told you before to stay off my comments!