Sunday, October 17, 2010

the lantern of what now?

Bon jour! Our trip continues to be very exciting. Yesterday we took the train to Brive and then drove to this little town called Sarlat-de-Canada, which is an absolutely gorgeous little village with medieval buildings and winding, hilly, cobbled streets. I forgot to say that I successfully navigated Paris in high heels but may not be up for the European-lady-challenge of high heels in Sarlat...

Out the window of our beaucoup charming inn is the Lanterne des Morte. We find it very amusing, if ominous.

Although we've only been here two nights, we've already had two incredible dinners - in Paris we went to le Coup-Chou and last night a tiny restaurant in Sarlat where I had a decadent meal of fois gras and duck. And chocolate mousse. And wine, of course.

Tomorrow we're probably going to see some cave paintings. Au revoir!


dad said...

Just sounds Wonderful! Continue to enjoy the trip...should be very exciting!

Carrie said...

I am a devilish shade of green.