Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas music

Blogger friend and cousin-by-marriage KHM posted this lovely little Christmas meme on her blog - here are my answers - hope you play too!

1. All-time favorite traditional and serious Christmas song?
I am quite fond of O Holy Night, like KHM. I think I might like that one for listening, but I can't sing it so well (anymore). To sing myself, I have to go with What Child Is This?

2. That one song that says, unequivocally, that the holidays have arrived?

3. Favorite Contemporary Carol and/or favorite contemporary cover of a traditional holiday tune?
I am quite fond of that Barenaked Ladies God Rest Ye Marry Gentlemen, and I love Tracy Chapman's O Holy Night, but I honestly think I'd pick Mariah Carey's Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Damn it, that crazy lady can sing!

4. Carol that most reminds you of your holidays as a younger person?I don't actually like this song because I think it's really boring, but Silent Night reminds me of sitting around the church basement what felt like at least three times a week while my mom (and later I) went to choir practice at Christmas time.

5. Favorite version of "Baby, it's Cold Outside"
That song kind of creeps me out because I recently decided it's about date rape and now I feel all oogy when I hear it. It's like one lyric away from Rohypnol, I'm telling you. However, I did hear a version on Glee with Kurt and his guy that I rather enjoyed. A wink is required on the part of the soprano to make it less creepy.

6. Finally, Your all time favorite disc--aka, if you could have only one holiday music disc, what would it be?
Oh my! So many good ones... Honestly, that Mariah Carey christmas album is VERY good. Also, every home should have a copy of the Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas. But... my choice is the John Denver/Muppets A Christmas Together CD. Just great!


KHM said...

Thanks for playing! Mariah Carey, eh? I really can't stand her but I'll give her $0.99 for one iTunes selection and see how far I get :)

"Baby, Its Cold Outside" --- I've thought a lot about your date rape theory. While I think that's not what the song is saying, its tough to argue otherwise. I tend to think the traditionally female part (Kurt was adorable...) plays the coy coquette but there are at least two indications "she" was willing: "I OUGHT to say, 'no, no, no sir'" "well maybe just a half a drink more" and finally, what sounds to me like a very happy decision to throw caution to the wind in the enthusiasm of the last line when its clear she'll be staying.

I also think the song was written in a very different time, one when women weren't really allowed to express their sexuality outside of marriage. I think that kind of situation changed the way women said "yes; let's do it!". On the other hand, no means no. but she never really said no, did she?

Interesting...and not at all where I thought this would go!

KHM said...

btw---I like being your cousin by marriage. I wonder what that makes me and M. He and I might actually be less related than either of us are to Kevin Bacon but does it matter? (Answer: only if we don't like each other; then its insufferable!)