Sunday, December 05, 2010

I announce a new feature!

Gentle Readers, it is with great pleasure that I announce a new blog feature: Reviews of Moi's Husband's Video Games.* Husband was greatly encouraged to write his own reviews, which I think are brilliant, but after 2 years and less than a dozen entries, I think we can safely assume he's not invested in the project. And yet! There seems to be a general cry: What video games is M playing and how does K feel about them? Does she, for example, think they're sexist or silly? Very often: YES!

Last night we watched The Road, despite my protestations that I wanted nothing to do with that bullshit book (you see, I don't blindly admire any old book that happens to win the Pulitzer Prize). Warnings that it would not have a happy ending and was mostly about "feelings" and "emotions" were ignored - he insisted on watching it because supposedly it inspired Fall Out 3. Or something. Ultimately, he was unable to draw a connection between Fall Out 3 and The Road. However there did seem to be an amazing correlation between our boredom and The Road.

Coming soon: I review BLUR!

*need to think of a better title...

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A comparison of fallout 3 and "The Road"