Sunday, December 12, 2010

W00t Pawn: Call of Duty Black Ops

Husband is now playing Call of Duty, Black Ops. M has already played some other Call of Duty game and, to tell the truth, I can't tell the difference. You play this army guy and he goes to some place like a snowy land which even I can tell is the same landscape and house from the other version only snowy, or Havana, which, I'll admit, looks kind of nice, if you take out all the army guys and the flaming buses and whatnot. Frequently I wish I could have a nice character, say, a lovely lady on a bicycle with a baguette or a dog in a basket, and ride around some of these locations without all the shooting and nonsense.
In this Black Ops, as far as I can tell, M gets killed approximately every 30 seconds, but apparently (he explains) that is not unusual. He said there's a "kill to death ratio" and 1-1 is "not bad" and 2-1 is "very good." Frankly, I find it rather disturbing in these games where you get killed and then get "spawned" right away again. Should there not be lasting consequences? I think it would be better if you get killed, then, you just have to sit out the rest of the game, contemplating the futility of war.

You can play "co-operative" against zombies, but M didn't like that mode. He prefers playing with and against for-realsie people (this is called "multi-player.") Between games you can hear the teenagers talking to each other, only, unlike Blur, you can actually make out what they're saying. I could listen to those damn kids all day.

M was quite excited about this featured called "Theatre" where you can re-watch (can you imagine?!?) the fight and therefore improve your technique, sort of like how on Friday Night Lights? They re-watch the football games. We watched a tiny bit of the theatre and discovered that M's character looks a lot like Saddam Hussein. He didn't know what he looks like because it's a "first person shooter." (Do you see how I know all this lingo?!?!)

M informs me that he'll continue playing this games for weeks if not months and that it's "a compelling experience." I rate this game Largely Unbearable.


Caitlin said...

"I think it would be better if you get killed, then, you just have to sit out the rest of the game, contemplating the futility of war."

cannot. stop. agreeing. and laughing.

Indiana Fan said...

You guys have totally found a niche. These reviews are awesome! Keep 'em coming!

d00dpwn1337 said...

Actually, there are modes where you only get one life and you have to sit out the rest of the level if you get killed. That just wasn't what I was playing at the time.

And of course, my absolute favorite FPS of ALL TIME was the Rocket Arena mod for quake 3, in which always had you sitting out the level after you got fragged.

Special K said...

FPS? Oh. Right.

H Tuttle said...

You're not playing on the PS3 are you? Have you given up on god's true input device (mouse & keyboard) and switched to the abominable sticks?

d00dpwn1337 said...

I guess I have. It is an unfortunate side-effect of my decision to stop running windows as a gaming platform (or for any other reason). I'd love to do M+K on PS3, but almost no game supports it.

One does get used to them, sort-of. Actually the first thing I noticed when I started using theater mode in COD:BO (B.O.? Really?) is that everyone was turning much faster than I was. It turns out you can adjust the sensitivity for the sticks. Now I'm struggling to get my accuracy back at the higher sensitivity, but this is actually a lot closer to the mouse experience then it was before.

KHM said...

You guys are cracking me up!