Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas Recap

M & I went to Indiana on Christmas Eve, where we went to a candle-light service at my parents church, then to my grandma's house, which is an old tradition. Grandma has a tiny little house, which doesn't stop her from inviting over everyone she knows. She rather ingeniously puts boards over her sink and stove piled with food and encourages us to eat heavily.

My cousin C's kid really appreciated our present - he's a sweet kid.

On Christmas Day, M's Mom and Gran came over, as well as my Grandma and Uncle D. We all had a lovely dinner with my mom and dad.

I just like this picture. Do you know my mom put up THREE Christmas trees?

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dad said...

Uncle D is going to be so happy to be in one of your posts....you and M, along with L, C and Lil M sure made Christmas very special by being "Home for Christmas'!