Sunday, January 30, 2011

tick tock

Oh, my, the weekend goes by so fast it gives me agita just thinking about it. I had/am having a simi-stressful weekend with some fun stuff thrown in. Yesterday we saw a cool print show at the Block Museum - they were having printing demonstrations and a sale, with a DJ and everything - it was more crowded than I've ever seen that place, so they might have been happy, even if everyone was vaguely miserable because of the long lines. M & I both liked this artist named Tom Huck. This piece is a woodblock print called Chili Dogs, Chicks and Monster Trucks. viaHis work really reminds me of Lisa Hanawalt, who also has a horror vacui. How they manage to cram all those things together and still maintain a clear narrative is really amazing. I really want to buy one of her pieces... I recently spied one of her illustrations accompanying a New York Times article! Can I get in before her market explodes?

We both got smart phones and I installed this cool "Retro Camera" app that makes all my pics turn out gorge. Look at this... Could you just die?

Tonight we have special plans to go out for what I hope will be a lovely dinner, and then, tomorrow, back to the old grind.

Oh, my review was posted in Newcity Lit - check it out!


d00dpwn1337 said...

Horror vacui... interesting. I had 2 look that up. :)

KHM said...

what's that new camera app??

Special K said...

It is literally called "Retro Camera" (for android). (: