Wednesday, January 05, 2011


A few days after xmas, my sister and brother came to town with their little monsters and the fun really began. Exchanging presents was complete madness, with all of us lavishing attention on little people we love but don't get to see that often. M and I went slightly overboard and bought nephew #2 a four foot tractor complete with a scooping shovel, and he gratified us by going completely out of his mind, just like we figured he would. While C tried to calm the chaos down by shouting at my dad (aka, Santa), Slower! Slower! and then, in one hilarious outburst, PAUSE! Do you have to poo-poo? M had a different technique, "Don't stop,", he said, "Until everybody's cryin'."

We also went sledding on my parent's gentle slope. That was a good time.

Nephew #2 has the energy of about 3 kid's worth, but just look at that face...


Penny said...

If this face asked you for ice cream 3 times a day, would you give it to him?

Special K said...