Wednesday, March 30, 2011

40 days of rain

One of the fun things we did in LA was visit the Skirball Center where they have a Noah's Ark exhibit. They built a really beautiful interactive ark that you can wander through and play with a bunch of animals and climb on stuff and break stuff and scoop up fake poop and stuff. A lot of the animals are made from recycled materials, like, check it out, this sheep is made of a bike seat and handles, a mop and funnels. It's a really fun place, but probably best to go if you have a kid in tow, otherwise you might look pervy.

We also wandered around the Venice canals one day - that was really fun and I highly recommend it. You can peek in people's tiny yards and admire the architecture of this really unique area. And, if you're me, go home and try to figure out how much it would cost to live there (don't ask.).

Here's me and C on a sunny (but cold!) day!

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dad said...

I can't say that the sheep is beautiful...but I sure can say that the real people in the other pictures are. (Especially the pretty sister's!)