Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sucker Punch

When we were in LA, little M kept pointing at billboards and asking what Sucker Punch was all about. We told him it was about a "surprise punch" that was "for aunties and uncles only." I was quite interested in seeing this movie despite its horrendous reviews, because I like the actress in it. She's that young woman who was in Lemony Snicket? I love that movie. There's also a few other actresses that you may remember from child-roles, trying to prove they're All Grown Up now, a la Lindsay Lohan in (the hilarious) I Know Who Killed Me.

Anywho. Sucker Punch is by that director who made 300, so it's really stylized like that and frankly would probably have made a better video game. But, it's ostensibly about grrrls kicking ass, and it's kind of goth and steam-punk, with a Blythe-doll aesthetic, so that's kind of cool. The story is a dumb "dream within a dream" Inception-y kind-of-thing where this girl is put in a Dickensian mental institution, and to escape that reality, she imagines she's in a Dickensian bordello, and to escape that reality, she imagines she's fighting lunatic things like zombie nazis and orcs and the robots from iRobot. In all of these realities, the girls have some ridick faux eyelashes and buckets of Urban Decay make-up. For once I'd like to see a movie in the Girls Kicking Ass genre that wasn't executed as if by a 12 year old boy. I can guarantee you there'd be less fetishistic outfits (but maybe keep the faux eyelashes, amirite, ladies? Whatwhat?!)

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d00dpwn1337 said...

I like the schoolgirl outfit at the end with all the sparkles? It was, um, nice.