Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We tried this delicious recipe for poached egg and asparagus from a terrific local food blog (and friend of a friend) Lottie and Doof.

It was pretty fancy because we used our own chive flowers (alas, we didn't use that many and now chive-flower-season is over - I need to find a LOT more recipes for them). I love using something from our garden, even if it's a tiny little bit of mint or parsley.

I haven't quite nailed poaching eggs yet - I have a tendency to over-cook them - but, I think I'll perfect the method shortly.

Oh, speaking of food, there's a very funny controversy which just got stirred up by the Reader's Best of Chicago. One category was "Best Restaurant for Kids" and someone wrote in "To be locked in a cold, dark, soundproof room." (ha!) and a bunch of humorless people wrote some comments. Gaper's Block sums it up and also refers to the great Andersonville Taste of Heaven Controversy of Aught Five in which a bunch of humorless people got all upset when a bakery down the road from our old apartment suggested that children should be well-behaved on the premises. Hilarious stuff.

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