Thursday, June 16, 2011

w00t Pwn: Portal 2

This time I bring you w00t pwn with first hand knowledge! M & I played Portal 2... together! For a little while. Did you know when you're playing a video game, what feels like 10 minutes is actually 2 hours? It's very disturbing.

Anyhow, Portal 2 is pretty fun. You can play it with a partner, who is your wife, and you and she are like, two robots? And you're in this kind of facility? And, you walk around and try to solve puzzles and stuff. And your husband gazes at you lovingly, as if you are doing something marvelous and not staring slack-jawed at the television trying to remember what button to push.

I quite enjoyed Portal 2, and trying to solve puzzles and whatnot even though it takes a little while to figure out and time slips through your fingers like sands through the hourglass. It's got a voice-over which is truly, truly funny. We smiled at each other and remarked about how it was actually funny, and not completely lame, like most things that try to be funny actually are.

At first I just made my robot follow M's robot around, dutiably adorable, or desperately initiating high-fives (you can do that), or accidentally falling into toxic sludge and getting regenerated while he figured out how to solve the puzzle.

Sample conversation:
Me: What do we do in this one?
Me: Maybe it's that thing.
Me: Look at that thing.
Me: Hey, wait for me.
Me: Oops! I fell in the sludge again.
Me: Where are you?
Me: Ha! That was funny.
Me: It's really funny, right?
Husband: Yeah.
Me: It's weird how it's actually funny.
Me: Right?
Husband: Yeah.
Me: Do you know what to do?
Me: Oops. Hold on. Sludge.
Me: Ok, here I am.
Husband: Oooooo! *I* know what to do!

He concentrates pretty hard. Eventually I figured out how to solve puzzles too. It was satisfying.

He likes the single-player too. I had to quit for a while because I really did get quite disturbed about the alarmingly rapid passage of time. Nevertheless, I rate it Downright Bearable.

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