Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars 2012

We went to an Oscar party over at our friends' house - the party was fun but the Oscars are so boring, amirite?  Billy Crystal was recycling jokes from decades ago... we thought about playing a drinking game (with jello shots of White Russians my friend had created in a fish-shaped mold, if you can imagine that) but quickly realized that for the sake of our livers (and the fact that we're now Old and it was a School Night) that was a very bad idea.  About every 5th time Crystal laid an egg, we were like, Where's that FISH?

But!  There's always the fashion...  Oh, the fashion!  Here are my favorites:

Octavia Spencer is a gorgeous woman - I LOVED this dress by Tadashi Shoji.  There were a lot of these sunburst-y dressed last night, but I thought she wore hers best.

 Everything about Michelle Williams was ADORABLE.  That DRESS!  Her sweet little hair cut!  Her tiny little baby doll face.  That sweet little bow at her waist.  AAARGGGH!  She makes me LITERALLY feel like a troll.  Did I mention we once ate brunch at a the same cafe in Brooklyn as her?????????

 Some of my friends (who I'm henceforth going to refer to as my Agents Provocateurs, with a French accent, a la Christopher Plummer.  PS, who's still got IT?  The Captain does, that's who.) said they didn't like this Giambattista Valli dress on Emma Stone, but I thought she looked so stylish.  1. I love it when red heads wear red, 2. She looked really youthful and fun, and 3. She can really do no wrong.  Except for The Help. Snark.

Speaking of Doing No Wrong!  Meryl was right, we DID collectively groan when she won the Oscar!  Not because she didn't deserve it, but, it's like, Give some one else a chance!  Can I have that dress,  I mean, really?   I loved ALL the gold gowns at the Oscars - and there were quite a few, weren't there?

Special Note:  How cute was Cameron Diaz's hair?  I'm thinking about running straight to my hair dresser with this picture.  What was with that stoopid ass routine she and J Lo pulled?


Indiana Fan said...

I can't believe you didn't mention your own prize-winning performance in predicting the winners! And frankly, I'm disappointed there's not a pic of you holding your prize.
Don't hide your light under a bushel, yo!

d00dpwn1337 said...

That thing is no light. And it definitely needs to be hidden, deeply in the very back of the closet, preferably with a plastic bag over its, um, head for small children to find.

Carrie said...

You liked The Help. I saw it with you. I was witness to you're liking it. You liked it more than the book, yo!

Special K said...

well, I liked it better than the book, yes. The book was horrendous.

ma said...

I don't mind Meryl getting the award but does she have to dress like the Statue of Liberty? The Help was a good movie - had it been filmed as a silent black and white it would have won best picture.