Thursday, June 28, 2012


At first I thought this new Spiderman looked really stupid because I thought it was derivative of the Toby McGuire movie, but I'm getting kind of excited about it.  Plus, I really like this Andrew Whatshisname's hair.   Also, I love Kirsten Dunst, but she really ah-sucked as MaryJane.  I think Emma Stone will be good.  One thing I don't understand is this whole Dennis Leary/Willem Dafoe thing.  I mean, honestly at first I thought they were the same guy.  For realz those guys look exactly the same.  You know what would have been totally cray cray?  If they had cast Elijia Wood as Spiderman.  I have a hard time telling him from McGuire.  Coming soon:  a complete list of celebrities I cannot tell apart.

Did you see The Hair on the Daily Show?  This is too much...

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