Thursday, November 01, 2012

Can't hug every cat

Shortly before we left for our vacation, I got deliriously hooked on this auto-tuned song, Can't Hug Every Cat (go ahead and watch it four or five times, I'll wait...) I also put it on my "Rome Mix" - I like to make a special mix for our vacations which we can listen to over and over again when we're there - then, when we get home and listen to the mix - voilá! - it's like we're on vacation again. (I KNOW, it's like, I'm a total genius, right?)

Anyway, we saw a few nice cats when we were in Rome - here are some cats that lived in some ruins?

A couple of cool cats.  Ugh, I look terrible.  ):
 And here's a grouchy cat that seemed to live at the Colosseum   That was one tough cat.

They only speak Italian, so you have to call them, "Micio, micio, micio!"

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dad said...

I Love the 2 Cool Cats!...but not so sure about the other ones!