Sunday, November 04, 2012

Carvaggio Count

I hope you're not bored of hearing about our trip to Rome because I have a LOT more to tell you.  I'm not even HALF way through all the Caravaggios we saw!

One of the museums we went to was the Capitoline - there we saw quite a few wonderful things - including this amazing 5th Century bronze sculpture of the She-Wolf with Romulus and Remus - a symbol of the very beginnings of Rome.  The story is quite interesting.

She's a very charming wolf.  BTW, look at the backgrounds in those pictures - everywhere we went, every INCH was covered in something beautiful. Like, we'd walk into a room and I'd just stare at the floor for a while.  It was really quite overwhelming, I mean, honestly, from floor to ceiling, there were just agonizingly gorgeous things to look at.  It's impossible!  

We also saw two more Caravaggios - The Fortune Teller, which, to tell the truth is NOT a GREAT Caravaggio, although, in person you can see that the fortune teller is slipping the ring off the young man's finger...

And John the Baptist, which IS great.

Caravaggio Count: 7.

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