Monday, December 05, 2005

movies, music

On Sat. Night Live I saw this cool musician - James Blunt - I'm really digging him. Here are a few songs. Had a pretty nice weekend - met up with an old friend of mine on Michigan Ave. on Saturday. Was a total madhouse down there- tried to do a little Christmas shopping but started getting overwhelmed by crowds and had to leave. Watched Melinda and Melinda which was SO terrible. I've just about had it with Woody Allen. Also saw Bruce Almighty and it wasn't as bad as I've heard - although the pseudo-God bits were really stupid. I hate movies about religion, or rather, movies which dance around religion. Odd trivia: Steve Carrell is in both those movies. I mean, the fact that Woody Allen put him in one of his movies shows you just how much the old man's lost it. Also saw Aeon Flux. It was also mostly terrible but we had a good time watching it.

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Mrs. Savage said...

Woody Allen is like a bizarre puppet. Seriously, I think the guy has strings. He scares me a little.