Thursday, March 23, 2006


So, tomorrow my parents are coming up for a visit, and it reminds me of a funny story my dad told me a little while ago - no doubt I'll have more of these gems to share on Monday...
Daddy told me how one of the cats ate a mole out in the yard and upset my mom. I said, "Why, did they get blood all over the place?"
"Blood? Don't even know if a mole HAS blood," he says.
"Well, Kelly, they're tougher than a junk yard dog. 'Bout have to take an ax to kill 'em."
"Can't tell the front from the back."
"Well, it's true - They're disgusting. They got a little pointy nose, pointy tail..."
"Let me talk to mom..."
"Hi, Mom. I heard the cat ate a mole."
"Oh, they're disgusting. Can't tell the front from the back."

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Amber said...

um, do your parents read your blog?