Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Night!

In the interest of providing world-class blogging coverage of last night's Oscar bash (or could it be mere procrastination of working on my thesis???) I offer this brief summary from C & D's party. The food! The fashion! The
célébrité! We weeped for Jon Stewart, who got burned by his audience, and were outraged at Crash, which won best picture. My own M took home the best prize of all (me!) No, he "guessed" the highest number of oscar winners and won the very generous prize handed out by C & D (by guessing, I mean of course looking up the Vegas odds). Here are a few pics, and hopefully soon I'll be able to post video highlights of the show (montage style, just like last night!)


cait said...

I love it! But WHO is that bitch wearing white? Hello, it's not a wedding!!

Indiana Fan said...

Which obese famous person have I just eaten in this photo? (I'm obviously having a hard time keeping them down, too!)

a) Bruce Vilanich
b) Winston Churchill
c) Ariel Sharon
d) Biz Markie
e) Chastity Bono