Tuesday, March 07, 2006

That's no lady!

I now know TWO people that are on the extras to DVDs - pretty good ones, too - friend Sarah is on The Incredibles and now my brother-in-law Lyman is on Lady and the Tramp! That's awesome! If you don't plan on buying the DVD, you can watch it here - Lyman's the one with the uh, bass, and he looks like the star of the video. I was in LA when he filmed the video and I remember being so knocked out that he got to keep the clothes that the wardrobe person brought him. That's slick.

In other music news, I've been really addicted to Dolly Parton's Travelin' Thru ever since I saw her sing it at the Oscars. Gorgeous song.

Well, I'm off to the theatuh pretty soon for A Well Appointed Room at the Steppenwolf - too bad they couldn't come up with a better appointed title. Last week saw A Child's History of Bombing at the Neo-Futurarium, which was mostly good, but a bit preachy, and I am, of course, the choir.

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