Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Romantic weekend in Wisconsin

Last weekend, M and I went to Wisconsin to celebrate our 8th anniversary - because, when you think of romance, you think of Wisconsin. We stayed at a great B&B recommended by DeBrodian Perruque and sweetkealoha. It was awesome, and the kind proprietress served a hell of a breakfast. Another couple was staying there - they were farmers from the area and couldn't imagine what we city folk were doing up there, and kept asking us, "What are you city folk doin' way up here?" and "Do you feel safe leaving your house in Chicago?" and "Is life just real, like they say... fast paced down there?" Oh, yes indeedelee-doo, mister, we walk out the door and it's like Blade Runner mixed with the NYSE.

There was a lovely dog and a cat. During the breakfast, the cat liked to walk over to the dog and punch her right in the nose.

Spent one night in Milwaulkee at the Pfister - it was REALLY nice and the best thing was there was a pool on the 23rd floor and the totally best thing was that the whole time were there we were the only one's who used it. It was so gorgeous, especially when the light changed at night. We pretended like we were Hearsts.

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Deevan said...

Pretended like you were Hearsts?

Patti & William Randolph?

So you helped rob banks while Mike took potshots at Charlie Chaplin?