Tuesday, September 12, 2006

short romance

Well, it turns out that John Mayer and Jessica Simpson are NOT dating, at least according to various sources. JS herself claimed (on the View, I think) that it was all fabricated by the tabs, but the tabs say she started it, and some (US Weekly, maybe?) reports that John broke up with her when she started exploiting their "relationship." Anywho, that's my celeb (non)story of the day. Except to say that Britney Spears had her 2nd child today!

In other news, went to a friend's family "cottage" over the weekend for some blue-blood fun - swimming, boating, tennis-playing! We had a FABULOUS time, as you can see from the pics below.

Here we all are taking a swim - note the REGATTA behind us!

Here Mike's taking a turn driving the speed boat. I wanted him to learn, just in case we have the means to, you know, buy a summer cottage and boat of our own one day. Ah, to dream!

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Anonymous said...

I think Devin's hair is the best part of the motorboat picture! :)