Wednesday, January 24, 2007

28%? That much?

I've been complaining about how there's never anything good on television, but lately I've been thinking to myself, (Self) When HAS there been a glut of fantastic shows on tv? When, exactly, was this golden age of television? And, naturally, I came to the conclusion that there actually are a ton of terrific shows on right now, but there's just a ridiculously disproportionate number of absolutely abysmal shows on too. Last night, for example, I had the choice of watching Veronica Mars, or a president with a 28% approval rate (who are these people, anyway?) give the State of the Union. I watched GW lie and point fingers and predict doom for 6 years now, so last night I was ready for some of that good tv I'm interested in. Just imagine, instead of watching Logan come to the realisation that getting a bj from a skanky ho in the parking lot just doesn't compare to the emotional connection he had with Veronica, I could have been suffering through GW's complicated, worthless plan to provide health care to only 5 million of the 47 million Americans that don't have any HEALTH CARE.

Is Hillary's invitation to "chat" better or worse than Fear Factor, Bad Girls, and American Idol? I'd say it was about on par with the originality and spontaneity of this. I don't get it - I know H. Clinton is a strong woman with liberal views, but she's so worried about projecting an image and matching her goddamn pink sweater and pearls for the State of the Union and carefully crafting an answer to "What is your favorite movie?" when she (like all Dems) needs to get the damn lead out. I'm telling you, last night should have been a riot! They should have booed Bush off the stage and thrown tomatoes at him for what he's done to this country.

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