Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sports Coverage

Yesterday my dad and brother came up for a basketball game at UIC against "a true Hoosier team" (according to D-van), Butler. Butler is supposedly 13th in the nation, but they lost to UIC last night, in what was probably one of the most boring games I've ever seen until the last 20 seconds, when they finally started hitting baskets, tied up the game and went into a mildly exciting overtime. I wasn't compelled to jump to my feet or anything, but other people did. Basketball has changed a lot since I've been to games, which I used to do in... high school. It was really commercial. Every time there was a time-out, the cheerleaders had to haul out all these advertisements thinly disguised as games for the crowd. Also, they threw t-shirts into the crowd and gave away pizzas. One was apparently meant to scream their head off for these valuable items. Like I'm gonna shout for a piece of Domino's pizza. Side note: the cheerleaders had much better aim with the t-shirts than the basketball players with the ball.

M. and I were slightly conflicted about our loyalties - sure, we're from IN, but we're Chicagoans now. I went ahead and cheered for both teams about equally and claimed to be there "for love of the game" to all detractors (ie: M). I know! it made me laugh to say it, too.

My dad is a big, big celebrity in Martinsville, where he hosts Damon's Coaches Show on WCBK. We discovered that if you just drive up to the parking garage and say, "We're on the list," you don't have to pay. Here's my dad sitting court side:

and here's my best action shot:

Maybe D-van will hire me as a guest commentator on Hoosier Fun Ball?


Indiana Fan said...

Sure, you can comment on any game you watch. I'll pay you double what I pay myself.

Sorry (for you) that the UIC-Butler game was boring, looked like a great game on paper.

Interesting that the game was so commercialized. I wonder if that's a urban/Chicago thing (being a pro sports town), as I don't remember Indiana being games being commercial/ t-shirt-y hardly at all, and Northwestern games certainly aren't.

Great pictures, cool report. I do wish I could've attended.

Anonymous said...

Hoosier Basketball Fan says................... As a Hoosier sitting on courtside, my team, the Bullldog's really struggled putting the ball through the hoop. But what a show A.J. Graves put on in the 2nd half, he is diffently a great shooter from southern Indiana (and, yes, those cheerleader sure could throw those t-shirts!) And 'K', as your sports reporting goes, your accessment of the game is as you see it, but it's great that you went and supported 'your' and the past!!!! Our local paper sometimes are looking for a good photographer and writer, think you might be interested? Price of homes are cheaper here than in Chicago! Or you could have your own radio show with the ;ocal station.....Thanks for your comments.....Hoosier Basketball Fan (the pizza was great also and also the french toast!!!!!)

Special K said...

We went to Giordano's and Victory's Banner for some cultishly delicious french toast. BTW, I didn't mean to imply that I didn't have fun at the game, we had a great time.

kbmulder said...

Sounds like a rollicking good time! That Dave Rinehart is pretty famous around Martinsville:) I must say that I tune into the Coaches Show and High School Basketball every now and again.

What's this French Toast all about? I may have to sample it next time I visit. I've had Giordano's and it is wonderfully delicious!

Caitlin said...

What are you talking about, Indiana Fan (who has clearly hijacked my husband and stolen his photo for your own nefarious blog --- I mean, surely, I didn't marry a sports blogger!)? NU games are TOTALLY commercial! Just like special K says! They toss the t-shirts, the whole stadium is one big ad, and they have corporate sponsored half time shenanigans! I just figured that was part of the experience. :)
The last 20 seconds are the best part. For sure!