Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The children are the future, or, what's on?

I lost a lot of faith in today's youth after watching a few shows from the fall season, especially the season premiere of America's Next Top Model. I mean, even vapid, skinny 18 year olds should have learned this important lesson by now: Do NOT, under any circumstances, let Tyra Banks take you into international waters.

It's not their fault, people like this idiot insist on procreating. And at least 40 parents sent off their precious little 8-15 year old angels to Kid Nation, AFTER signing a contract that reads, among other things:

God help me if I didn't watch Kid Nation, and, what a surprise - it turns out kids on reality shows are just as annoying as adults on reality shows, although with slightly better vocabularies. How hilarious was it when they showed the little suckers that gold star and they went crazy? And the Seacrest was like, "No, it's REAL GOLD, it's worth twenty thousand dollars." And the kids were like, "Ooooooohhhh." They could have just given them little gold stickers and they would have been happy. Watching Kid Nation made me feel even more dirty than ANTM, but less dirty than Gossip Girl, which has the vague potential of being my new Veronica Mars.


Lyman said...

your sister is insisting on watching Kid Nation again tonight

Carrie said...

No one in our acquaintace can throw a stone at me for my choice in TV programming...everyone gets a dirty pleasure or we wouldn't have digital, DVR cable.