Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our Living Room

Finally got a rug for the living room and now consider that room finished! Thank you, IKEA, for your inexpensive and 100% wool rugs! There's not much more fun than a Before and After picture, is there?

Before (front window):
I took these pics from different perspectives - our bookcases are where the previous owner's dresser was. The best feature: Kaya!

Before (side wall):

And After:
We got that green chair at a garage sale in SF for like $5. It literally looked like they it had been pulled out of a swamp. M. didn't want to bring it home, much less put it in our car, but I convinced him it had great style. I doused it in bleach, scrubbed and hosed it down. Now it's M. and Kaya's favorite chair and I can't convince either one of them to get rid of it. I like grouping photos together. There's a portrait of M. drawn by a robotic armed computer in San Jose, a couple-self-portrait of me and M. at the Tate, a pic of M.'s young granny with her sax, and two portraits of Kaya from friends.

Before (far end of living room):

And After:

I was fairly thrilled to see that Kanye West's new album was designed by Takashi Murakami - that's his litho hanging over our couch. The West album even uses the image from our print, Homage to Francis Bacon, Study of Isabel Rawsthorne - wee! I think the value just went up.


clterry said...

Your living room looks great with the rug. The next time we come up,I want to go to IKEA, that looks like a great store online. I love the pictures grouped together on the wall.

Caitlin said...

So swanky, my friend!!
see you soon!!

kbmulder said...

Beautiful! Is the rug a grey hue? Who knew that Kanye West had such great taste in art?

Kathy said...

really lovely---comforting and inspiring. Nicely done!

clterry said...

I thought the bookshelves were built in when I was there.

Special K said...

thanks for the compliments, gals!
(yeah, rug is grey-ish with some blueish and lavenderish threads as well.)