Monday, September 17, 2007

Illinois, I've got your number.

Illinois, I've just about had it with you! First a bunch of gd anti-choice protesters show up at a new Planned Parenthood in Aurora, attempting to close the center and deny women access to health care...

sign this petition to show your support of the center

...and every day I keep hearing about how my commute is going to get WORSE if the CTA budget is not dramatically increased. It's hard to imagine any commute WORSE than the one I'm currently subjected to every time I go downtown.

contact state legislators to increase funding.

In other depressing news, we went to M.'s grandma's over the weekend. Her health is failing and she's very frightened and in pain and with few choices. It was frustrating, because it doesn't seem like there's much we can do for her.

Hmmm... must. show. something. good... how about...?


kbmulder said...

Sorry to hear M's grandma isn't doing well. It is hard when you live far away and wish you could do more.

Kathy said...

oh, but that puppy is so cute!

clterry said...

Sorry to hear about Mike's grandma. Since she is in so much pain are they considering Hospice Care for her. Is Mike doing okay?