Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Good ol' Days

There was a request to hear my "Mrs. Miller Story" back when my girl friends visited. Mrs. Miller was our middle school gym teacher who must have been at least 90 years old. I wonder if she's still terrorizing young girls? Lar and Les and I were in the same gym class, and, as you might imagine, I was one of the least athletically motivated persons in the class. So, I didn't take it all that seriously. My friends were on some kind of team or other, so they had a special part of the locker room with big lockers, and the rest of us rabble were stuffed into this other part of the locker room. And, of course, I wanted to be with my friends so I would always hang out in their section. And, of course, I wanted to avoid gym class, so we stayed in the locker room as long as we could. I could actually squeeze myself into one of these bigger lockers, and everyone thought it was really funny. And I liked getting in there because it made me feel small, and in middle school at 5'7" I felt like an absolute ogre most of the time. (Les and Lar were even taller than me but they were much more confident.) As a joke, one of them would shut the door for a second, and I would pretend to get scared, and we'd all laugh. We did that like, every day. So, one day I crawl in the locker, and Les pretended to lock me in there, and I pretended to get scared, and then Mrs. Miller came running in and yelling at all of us, primarily me, and she sent me to detention (for three days!). Les and Lar told her it was their fault and that they'd locked the locker but she wouldn't listen to them. But I was happy as a clam because I didn't have to go to gym class for three days.

She seemed like a very unhappy woman. Although, there can't be any creature worse than a middle schooler, so who can blame her?


Kathy said...

yeah--but there are few things more horrible in life than Middle School gym classes for girls. Even for the jock-girls---its miserable stuff.

Like you, I'd have preferred detention to gym class!

clterry said...

That's hiliarus! I don't think I ever heard that story and I never knew you were ever in detention.

I remebmber that ol' scary lady. She must be over 100 by now, still terrorizing girls at the nursing home.

I think I had one of those big lockers.

kbmulder said...

Ha!! I didn't know about this story either. I'm glad you took the detention in stride, but I'm surprised your friends didn't get in trouble too.

I never had a big locker, either. I was mostly worried about people seeing my non-existent chest while changing, or hitting me in the face with the ball during bombardment dodgeball.

Do you remember how we HAD to wear white socks? You'd get points off for colored socks or no socks. I never understood that rule.

Carrie said...

Oh, don't give middle schoolers a hard time. There are worse people.

I can't believe you had detention! Does mom know? I guess she knows now!

Once I walked in Ms. Miller's office to ask her something, and she popped her head out the back room, scolded me to get out while smoke was still escaping her nose from her last drag. Incredible.

Carrie said...

oh, and she told me once that fungus didn't grow on white socks.

Dad said...

Dad says it's amazing what you can learn about your kids and their friends on this page (these responses were FUNNY!) Mrs. Miller, I think she should have been a nurse in a doctors office(all nurses..don't take this personnel), I remember the time she gave Kelly a "C" in gym and told her she should be a better athlete because her dad was a how dumb is that!..that and it kept Kelly off the honor roll and she missed one of those school outings for the smart kids. And I was never one to wear black socks with tennis shoes anyway. I am glad that ALL survived middle school.

Amber said...

Oh wow, Mrs. Miller lived on that long country road I lived on outside Martinsville...seemed like every time I drove by, she'd be out there taking care of her horses, and she'd always wave. Not smile, but wave. I couldn't stand her in middle school, but she seemed a lot more human out there with her horses. I remember one time we had some sort of a health seminar in gym class for the girls, and she made this comment that there "lots of girls in here who could lose weight and get in shape." and then she looked around accusingly. i was pretty sure at the time she was looking right at me. you know, i bet she was only in her early fifties when we were in middle school

Laura said...

Holy Cow... that was a million yrs ago. I was surprised as well that Les and I didn't get into trouble. We were rather ticked that she didn't listen to us about "locking" you in there and that it wasn't your fault. However, I do remember your expression after she said detention... you looked like a cat who swallowed the canary because you got out of gym. How hilarious.