Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap

Our Thanksgiving was a day of decadent pleasures - rich food, good friends, a bacchanalia of beverages and homemade pies. We also entertained ourselves with Apples to Apples, Guitar Hero, and even a toss of the ol' pigskin (or nerfskin, as it were) - you'll notice we're wearing our school colors (Yale, Sarah Lawrence...)
I went on an apron-making binge before the party!
Sporty, aren't we?
Full bellies - how will we eat dessert?!?


clterry said...

It looks like you had a great feast. The Today Show said that we would 5000 calories on Thanksgiving, just fyi.

I thought it snowed in Chicago? Glad you had a great day.
love you!

kbmulder said...

I love pies!! Yum!! AND the games sounded wonderful! Looks like you had an enjoyable day.

Carrie said...

5000 sounds modest.

Special K said...

I do know we averaged 2 sticks of butter per person when it was all said and done!

(Yeah, it snowed, but it didn't stick)

Anonymous said...

You look pretty in your blue satin hostess lady! Table looks great, too, I know the company was convivial. Ma

Laura said...

Kel and M,

Looks like fun! LOVE the blue blouse, very beautiful... 5k in calories?? Ouch. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Dad says; "What's a few calories!"...A Great Day at the Roark's (wish I'd been there)...Love to all