Monday, December 24, 2007


Just got back from Indiana last night - had a great time visiting my family and lots of friends. My adorable little nephew just charmed our pants off again and again, while my other nieceornephew stubbornly refused to be born one week after its due date. I'm starting to think there's no way heorshe could be as great as our favorite son.

As I've mentioned before, I come from a celebrity family in my tiny little hometown. My da' is a local sportscaster extraordinaire and my uncle is also on the radio. I told my mom I would not be satisfied if I wasn't on the radio at least once and that need was immediately met on the first morning, when I called in to my uncle's (surely copyright infringed) show, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Quite confident that I am smarter than even a 7th or 8th grader, I called in, and after being supplied with the (science-y) answer by friends that are even smarter than 10th and 11th graders, successfully answered the question and won one coveted handmade candy cane from the local Candy Kitchen. Apparently the show is otherwise extremely boring because I was told that I was like the best guest evah.

Let's see, we also visited my brother's new house, where things, as you might imagine, are rather tense as they all sit around wondering when the baby will arrive. We also terrorized my grandma and her cat. I think this picture says it best:
Threw a rockin' party at my parent's house and had a lot of fun. For those still doubting global warming, we had the heat off and all the windows open and were burning up. I predict we're all dead within a year (Merry Christmas!) Here's me and my grandma:
Family fave kbmulder took a pic of our motley crew. Here we all are pretending to be normal:
Wouldn't you know the last night we were there I got violently ill, so had something of a miserable drive back to Chicago and am now diligently trying to convince my body to be well. I feel a lot better, but pretty delicate. But, I'm happy to be in our little house with my husband and my cat and looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the next few days! Take care, everyone!


Bes said...

What a wonderful family picture!

Carrie said...

Spoiler! We just made that pic into the cutest card. Well, as K often bemoans, not many people look at her blog, and if they do I'm sure they'll be happy to have a copy of this pic to adorn their fridge all year!

Kathy said...

well---thank goodness you went back to Chicago---I kept thinking " all those bloggers and not a one of 'em keeping me updated!" You all look smashing, dahling; and of course you're smarter than an eighth grader!!

I love Carrie's bangs!

Lym probably forgot to tell you that your holiday gift is sitting in my house still incomplete because of my mom's bubbly head. Not much longer, though!

clterry said...

Hope you are feeling better. Had a great time at your party. What a fabulous host.

See ya soon.