Thursday, December 13, 2007


Yesterday I did a little thrift-store shopping. I picked up a bunch of bargain books. I also went to the library and borrowed a few books, but also had to pay $20 in late fees. Boo. That's why libraries don't work too well for me. Saw a book for $1 called Living With the Passive-Aggressive Man and thought about how passive-aggressive it would be if I bought it and left it laying around the house for a certain husband to see.

Been amusing ourselves lately by putting on dvd (also bought for $1 at Target) of a fireplace and pretending is real fire. M. actually said his brain sent him the sensation of heat.

Yesterday reflected on fact that I have not set foot in a mall or the horrible "Miracle Mile" for Christmas shopping and felt very proud of myself. Back when I used to go out and shop for presents like a common animal usually wanted to kill myself and/or others. Is so much better to sit in front of fake fireplace and relax.


mike said...

Oh sure, you would do that. I will just refuse to acknowledge that it is there. <-- joke

Kathy said...

--->me laughing.

Andy said...

A few years ago I bought a Fireplace DVD for my apartment. Since everyone made so much fun of me, last year I gave it as a gag gift at a white elephant gift exchange. To my surprise it was the hottest gift that.

This year I've upgraded to Comcast's HD Yule Log On Demand.

-A Mulder

kbmulder said...

The shopping mall is surely depressing and I didn't find a thing there this year, so you are not missing much. I prefer fun little independent shops and places off the beaten path. But with crrrrrafting abilities like yours, who needs to shop!

Carrie said...

The mall is a crazy place, but I did score some deals this year in the ongoing after Thanksgiving sales. So much for Black Friday- it's a black month now. Sorry economists, it's not making me buy more.