Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kelly & Kaya's Kraft Korner

Our guest room is otherwise known as Kelly & Kaya's Kraft Korner, and lately I've been crrrrrafting like mad up there. I'm not kidding you, I've been making things of such astounding beauty I really do not want to give them away! I love to work in my little space, and I feel so happy in there. Check out the transformation:

Wee! Pink! And a nice space for my bags and overflow shoes... Both the rooms upstairs had these kind of ugly closets, so we just painted them both the same color as the walls. KKKK is all the same color, ceiling too.

At the foot of the bed are all of our YA books, which I thought guests might like to read before they go to bed. Also, I fantasize that my nephew (and nieceornephew) will like reading them when they spend the summer with Aunty and Uncle.
And here's my sewing/crrrrraft table. We found it at a garage sale for $15 bucks. A couple of my Barbie Boxes found homes here, they give the room a nice edge.


Kathy said...

Oh, you are so clever! less than one year in the house and you've already captured and claimed craft space of your own! You must have been caught M. off guard---playing Guitar Hero or something! I'm really pleased for you to have some dedicated space for creation---and when that overwhelms you can simply take a snooze on the lovely quilted bed! Nicely done!

Special K said...

Well, M. does have his own space too, all masculine and covered in Star Wars posters!

I'm glad you noticed the quilt - it's a crazy quilt made by my great grandma!

Laura said...

That quilt is absolutely FABULOUS! It also is very warm in chilly nights! =)

kbmulder said...

I love the Kraft Korner! It is a wonderfully cozy room.

Carrie said...

I think Milo will love your book collection!