Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday Month almost over (or is it?)

Oh, it's a tragedy - my Birthday Month is almost over and several weeks of it were positively ruined by this damn sinus infection! It was like being dead! I'm just going to cheat and celebrate my Birthday Month several weeks into August.

Well, I'm back at work but still feeling fairly awful. Got a terrible cough and occasionally feel faint.

In other news, my friends J&O gave birth to a little girl today. All are doing well and mazel tov to them. Can't wait to see the little thing, but probably need to clear up this cough first, lest I alarm. The good news: She and I will share a Birthday Month!

I was thinking about writing a long post called "Why I Will Not See the New X-Files Movie". Perhaps I will one day expand on the subject and publish it in a medium-sized book of Special-K wisdom including "Why I Became a Vegetarian" and "Good Reasons to Remain Child-free" and "The Correct Order to Layer Food Within a Taco" etc., but for now, I really need to go to bed.


kathy said...

I think the book of Special K wisdom sounds like a bestseller!

clterry said...

What is the correct way to layer a taco?

That could be a new Top 5: How do you layer your taco?

We put sour cream in a decorating icing dispenser bag, it makes it so much easier to get it into the taco instead of splattering it all around with a knife.

Glad your feeling better :)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the new little girl & O share an actual bday? I thought that was pretty cool.

I actually am interested in your topic: "Why I Will Not See the New X-Files Movie"
Is it due to lack of interest (seems unlikely, since you're taking the time to address it) or is it for some moral/ethical reason?

Special K said...

I think O's bday is 28.

Will probably still address Xfiles issue...

kbmulder said...

I'm kind of interested in seeing X-Files, as I used to love the show (but could not watch it alone). I am also happy anytime a Mulder is in the spotlight. But it seems like an odd time for a movie of that show to come out. Where is the Party of Five movie, or the Ally McBeal movie?

dad said...

Does that mean you'll get more presents for your extended birthday into August? Send our congratulations to Jen and Otis on the birth of their July baby. Hope you have good luck getting rid of that cough. Love dad

KHM said...

I do believe, and i'm sure K will confirm, the proper way to layer a taco is thus---

heavy, warm ingredients on bottom, cheese nearby for the nice softening from the warmth, followed by lighter, cooler ingredients, and topped with, well, toppings. Here's my taco:
1. Shredded chicken or beef
2. Shredded cheese (perhaps)
3. lettuce
4. tomatoes
5. sour cream
6. more sour cream
7. guacamole, si se quiere
8. a wee bit of salsa or hot sauce.