Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lady Luck!

OMG! I won $140 more on Wheel! Of! Fortune! (and I only put $5 in!) I seriously tried to blow it on shoes and handbags, but I just didn't see anything that I really loved. Except for a pair of the most gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoes I've EVER seen, but (on SALE) they cost like $600 bucks. So, I'll have to win really big before I go back for those. Damn it. I just don't seem to have it in me to blow cash. And it's my birthday month and everything.


Dad said...

Glad your having a GOOD time in the gambling capital of the world, nice winnings also, have you tried the "nickel" machines yet? Might even try betting on the CUBS out there also! Love ya, Dis-Fun Dad

clterry said...

Keep up the good winnings. You'll be able to get those $600 shoes soon with all of your luck.

Dave, your not dis-fun.

Laura W. said...

K!!! I was LITERALLY just out there! I flew out on Thursday and came back this Monday morning... stayed at Caesers... yet again, we were in the same place and same time and didn't get to see each other.