Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Birthday Month

It's that special time of the year again when one and all gather together to celebrate the mumblemumble of our country and, more importantly, celebrate my Birthday Month. What's a Birthday Month, you ask? Why, it's just when you think to yourself: One lame day or evening isn't nearly enough time to celebrate my birthday! I'm going to celebrate all month long! And how does a person celebrate their Birthday Month, you may wonder? They just think: I shall gratify myself with any and all narcissistic whims that pop into my mind! Which, it turns out, are so far not that narcissistic or indulgent, at least in my case. So far.

Next week I am off to Las Vegas for a work conference. I'm not super-jazzed about it, because I'm going by myself and, even though I've been booked in a fancy hotel suite (a suite!) I'm going by myself, and I would have preferred to share it with a beloved husband, rather than slinking there alone after eating dinner alone or (worse) with a vendor. Oh well... I'll just have to find a way to turn it into a decadent, if solo, part of my Birthday Month.


kbmulder said...

Yeah! for birthday month! Maybe you will make a fabulous friend in Vegas, who happens to also be there on business by themselves. Any time to sit by the pool and read, or go for a dip? I remember enjoying the huge jacuzzi tub in the room when Carrie and I went to Vegas. Hope you have fun!!!

amy purple said...

You'll have fun in vegas. I find that when i'm by myself, I'm not inclined to make small talk with someone than staying in my own little world had a friend come with. Or you could always people watch!